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Zory McGrath is a Bulgarian born, Melbourne based painter.


In pursuit of her diverse work, McGrath adopts a thematic approach, exploring and delving deep into one subject then derivations of matter and concept. Particularly beloved for her depictions of city scenes and street views, her paintings are renowned for her distinctive and enchanting style, capturing the immediate environment and everyday life, focusing on the city crowd as well as the architectural elements of the cityscapes.


McGrath’s paintings are poetic yet not sentimental, imaginative inspirations of her inner-child as she explores the human condition; love, art, religion, identity and belonging through her emotive and distinctive style. She states : “I see my art as an ever-evolving process, just as the world is ever-evolving around us.”


Zory has been a professional artist for over twenty years. Her work can be found in private collections internationally and in both private and public collections in Australia.

b. 1980, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Based in Melbourne, Australia.

2012     BA Digital Arts, University of Hull, Scarborough, UK

2005     BA, Fine Art, Painting (Honours), National Academy of Arts, Sofia, BG

2000     BA, Production Arts (Honours) National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov”, Sofia, BG

1998     Specialised Diploma, Visual Arts, Oil Painting and Orthodox Iconography,

             Art College “N. Rainov”, Sofia, BG

Solo Exhibitions

2022      'Rainy Days' Seaview Gallery, Melbourne

2022      'City Streets, Places and Favourite Spaces' Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne

2022      'This Is Me' Eagles Nest Gallery, Melbourne

2021      'City Crowd' Eagles Nest Gallery, Melbourne

2021      'Ballerina's Pirouette' Seaview Gallery, Melbourne

2021      'Community' Seaview Gallery, Melbourne

2019      'Incognito' Vernissage Gallery, Melbourne

2019      'Aerial View' Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne

2018      'Elements' Vernissage Gallery, Melbourne

2018      'Structure' Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne

2017      'The Devine' Iconography, Wintergarden Gallery, Geelong

2016      'Icons From The Orthodox Christian World' Iconography, Boom Gallery, Geelong

2010      'Selected Works' Talents Fine Arts, Malton, UK

Group Exhibitions

2023      'Beautiful Things Don't Ask For Attention' Van Rensberg Gallery, Sydney

2023      'Locals' Outré Gallery, Melbourne

2022      'Clique' Van Rensberg Gallery

2020      'BAM Bushfire Art Auction', Byron Arts Magazine, Byron Bay

2019      'Les Nouveaux' Group Exhibition, Grevy Kunst Gallery, Cologne, Germany

2019      'Portrait' Group Exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne

2019      'Art4All' Group Exhibition, Fairfield Primary School, Melbourne

2018      'Welcome' Studio B Gallery, Melbourne

2015      'Boom Christmas Show' Group Exhibition, Boom Gallery, Geelong

2014      'Synergetic' Group Exhibition, Shearer’s Arm Gallery, G.A.S, Geelong

2014      'Collaborations' Group Exhibition, Shearer’s Arm Gallery, G.A.S, Geelong 2009

2009      Group Exhibition, Talents Fine Arts, Melton, UK

Art Fairs

2022      The Affordable Art Fair, Van Rensberg Gallery Gallery, Melbourne

2019      The Affordable Art Fair, Vernissage Gallery, Melbourne

Public Collections

2022      Brisbane Racing Club, Brisbane

2022      Delaware North & Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne

Relevant Professional Experience

2017-23 Artist in Residence, Newmark Primary School

2019      Project ‘GREENER FUTURE', Featured Artist, The Other Art Fair, Melbourne

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