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About Zory McGrath

“My Art is a reflection of me. It is a diverse range of ideas, imagination, and the environment that inspires, provokes and stimulates my thoughts every day.”

Art, and in particular painting, has been a driving passion in my life since childhood. It excites and inspires me every day. My art has evolved over the years through many themes and ideas, including still-life, architecture and perspective, imaginary compositions and most recently, contemporary figurative portraiture.


I paint mainly in oils and egg tempera. My oil artworks focus more on the form and texture, in contrast to my extremely detailed iconography works, where I aim to create much depth, dimensions and sense of space. Working in these two very different artistic forms, allows me to explore a wider spectrum of the painting processes and techniques. I find painting to be a source of reflection and communication, between transcendence and the immediate environment. My painting practices continuously evolve; as part of the ever changing world around us I am moved to create images that seize the eye, intrigue the imagination and strive to fill one with wonder.

As part of my love for art, I have found that I enjoy sharing my knowledge of different mediums and my personal exhilaration of the arts, through teaching. This has become an integral part of my practice throughout the years and to date. I provide private, short courses and a range of art programs, for both adults and children. I also organise and teach a Traditional Iconography Art Workshop at the GAS (Geelong Art Society). They are incredibly popular and consistently sell out when published to enrol. Keep an eye on my WORKSHOPS page or join my MAILING LIST to be informed when new workshops are announced.


2012     BA Digital Arts, University of Hull,
             Scarborough, UK

2005     BA, Fine Art, Painting (Honours),
             National Academy of Arts, Sofia, BG

2000     BA, Production Arts (Honours) National
             Academy for Theatre and Film Arts
             “Kr. Sarafov”, Sofia, BG

1998     Specialised Diploma, Visual Arts, Oil
             Painting and Orthodox Iconography,
             Art College “N. Rainov”, Sofia, BG

Solo Exhibitions

2019      ‘Incognito’ Vernissage Gallery, Melbourne

2019      ‘Aerial View’ Brunswick Street Gallery,

2018      ‘Elements’ Vernissage Gallery, Melbourne

2018      ‘Structure’ Brunswick Street Gallery,

2017      ‘The Devine’ Iconography, Wintergarden
              Gallery, Geelong

2016      ‘Icons from the Orthodox Christian world’
              Iconography, Boom Gallery, Geelong

2010      Selected Works, Solo Exhibition, Talents
              Fine Arts, Malton, UK

Group Exhibitions And Collaborations 

2020      BAM Bushfire Art Auction, Group
              Exhibition, Byron Arts Magazine, Byron Bay

2019      Art for Epilepsy Auction, Group Exhibition,
              Epilepsy Foundation 2019

2019      The Other Art Fair, Vernissage Gallery,

2019      ‘Les Nouveaux’ Group Exhibition, Grevy
              Kunst Gallery, Cologne, Germany

2019      Project ‘GREENER FUTURE’, Featured
              Artist, The Other Art Fair, Melbourne

2019      ‘Portrait’ Group Exhibition, Brunswick
              Street Gallery, Melbourne

2019      ‘Art4All’ Group Exhibition, Fairfield
              Primary School, Melbourne

2018      Group Exhibition, Studio B Gallery,

2015      ‘Boom Christmas Show’ Group Exhibition,
              Boom Gallery, Geelong

2014      ‘Synergetic’ Group Exhibition, Shearer’s
              Arm Gallery, G.A.S, Geelong

2014      ‘Collaborations’ Group Exhibition,
              Shearer’s Arm Gallery, G.A.S, Geelong 2009

2009      Group Exhibition, Talents Fine Arts,
              Melton, UK

Workshops And Tutorials

2018 – present      Resident Artist, Lumineer
                               Academy, Williamstown

2014 – present      Art Workshops and Classes – Icon

                               Painting, Shearer’s Art Gallery,
                               G.A.S, Geelong

2016 – 2018           Childrens Art Classes, Shearer’s
                               Art Gallery, G.A.S, Geelong

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